A Recruitment firm has the responsibility to find the qualified candidates for its clients in an unbiased manner. mR Recruiting will always operate under this mantra.

As an unbiased participant in the recruiting process, we communicate all information to candidates and clients to enable both parties to make the best decision. It is not in our best interest to strong arm a client to hire a candidate nor a candidate to take a position. We see the partnership we create with you as a long-term prospect.

Lisa Greenberg  

Lisa Greenberg has recruited market research professionals since 1998. She has worked with small to large organizations across industries, including CPG, restaurant, retail, pharmaceutical, health care, advertising, media. Prior to recruiting, Lisa spent 8 years working as a Corporate Marketing professional. She worked for Accenture, National Computer Systems (a division of Pearson Education), and Walcoff Associates. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, and a graduate degree in Telecommunications from DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

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